1st Annual Pittsburgh 'FLOG' Outing

Matthew, I am the Penn Ave Pro, Manzo won the first Annual FLOG outing of Pittsburgh with a score of 43 on the rough greens of the putt-putt course. Todd, Maxfli, Dunaway; Mick, The Dragon Master, McNutt; Stephen, MR. DJ, Mrdjenovich; Jonathan, Miss Sunglasses, Golli; Tom, Lee Jansen, Chidlow; Julian, Ace, Sandoval; Bethann, I’d Rather Run, Eyth; Amanda, Sleepy, Markovic; Gary, Where’s the Line, Carlough; Anne, Not the Dragon Master, Chen; and Katie, The Spirit, Walsh all had a great time and look forward to the tradition.
Thanks to all.....Look for an invite for next year.