CANstruction 2007 - It Is A Slam Dunk

In addition to celebrating 10 years of involvement in CANstruction, GBBN brought home the big prize of the evening – Judge’s Choice – for this year’s project entitled, “A Slam Dunk Against Hunger!”

“We are absolutely thrilled to have won the Judge’s Choice award this year,” said Ray Mack, a member of this year’s design/construction team. “Now we get to take ‘A Slam Dunk Against Hunger’ to the national competition and are hoping for back-to-back wins.”

This year’s project contained over 8,000 cans that were purchased with the help of the following generous friends of the firm:

  • Biggs Hypermarket
  • Thelen
  • Kessling
  • Geiger Construction
  • Division 4
  • Oswald
  • SouthEast Systems, Inc.

The nearly 2.5 tons of canned food used to construct the project will be donated to the Freestore Foodbank of Cincinnati for distribution. "When it's all said and done and the awards are given out, it's the members of our community that win," said Mack. The organization provides food, products and services to help people overcome barriers to their basic survival needs, and to further their self-reliance.

“We couldn’t do this year after year without the generous donations from friends of GBBN,” said Mack. “It also takes a lot of volunteers to pull something of this magnitude together.” This year’s build-out team included: Shawn Feigh, Jason Groneck, and Tony Yunker. Special thanks goes to the extended team of Jodi Mulcahy, Andy Plogsted, Judy Plogsted, Scott Vidourek and Tricia Whiston.

A Slam Dunk Against Hunger mantra:
With March madness in full swing, GBBN Architect’s ‘slam dunk against hunger” reminds us that if we work together as a team, we can eliminate hunger in the world. GBBN Architects hopes that our team has inspired you to take your own shot and do something to help improve the world we all live in.