Camp Konakwee Design Build Competition

It’s all in good fun for a great project. Just keep reminding Todd Dunaway and Katie Walsh of that. The GBBN Pittsburgh co-workers are on two different competing teams (there are a total of 6 teams). Teams work with the YMCA’s Camp Konakwee to improve the famous Trail of Courage. For those unfamiliar with the trail, it is located at Zelienople’s KOK campus. It is a trail of obstacles that kids must get through (climbing wall, monkey bars, zip line, etc.). Due to age, the trail needed an upgrade and it became the Carpenters Design/Build contest this year. The plan is to build six new pieces during the contest which will be added to the trail.

Katie’s team theme: Camp Fire. Todd’s team theme: Totem Pole. Winners will be announced in September at the Carpenter’s Banquet...stay tuned.