Fine Arts Fund Brings Out The Best In All Of Us

When this year's Fine Arts Fund (FAF) was announced, it was only a matter of time before the fun started and the pledge cards started funneling in.

GBBN's Employee Pledge Campaign, which ran for a week, included a number of special events including the second annual finger painting contest. "We're all kids at heart, and when finger paints are within reach and the cause is the Fine Arts Fund, it's kindergarten all over again," said Dale McGirr, firm Senior Planner and a member of this year's FAF Cabinet. He added, "It's wonderful to have so many creative people willing to give back to the cultural arts institutions and organizations we have right here in Cincinnati."

Award winners of this year's FAF Finger Painting event were:

  • Most Creative - John Bunyan (CFO)
  • Most Colorful - Tricia Whiston (Marketing Co-op)
  • Overall Favorite - Phil Babinec (Specifications Writer)

When all the fun was complete and the finger paints were put away, a HUGE thank you was in order. Generous GBBNers pledged an increase of 39% over last year. However, the impressive numbers don't stop there. This year's total is 302% MORE than just three years ago.

"I am amazed at the increase of pledges and couldn't be more proud of the efforts of those that helped make this campaign so successful," said McGirr.