GBBN Asia Team Increases To Meet Growing Needs

The GBBN team in Beijing has experienced a growth spurt over the last couple of months to meet the increasing needs of the firm's project load.

Zhang Jin is a native of Shandong, China. She joins the GBBN team as a Project Designer after earning her Bachlor of Architecture degree from Qingdao Technological University.

Zhou Tao is a native of Tsingdao, Shandong and currently resides in Beijing. A project designer 2, he earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Architecture from Tianjin University. His interests include drawing and swimming.

Silu Li is a Project Designer 2 and is from Yangzhou, Jiangsu, China. A graduate of China Central Academy of Fine Arts, Silu enjoys swimming, cooking and drawing.

DengLi is from Binzhou, Shandong, China and is a Project Designer 2. She is a graduate of China Central Academy of Fine Arts where she earned her Bachelors in Architecture. Her hobbies include drawing and watching movies.

Guanglin/Young Wang is fromRi Zhao, Shandong, and currently lives in the Dongscheng District, Beijing. An Architect Designer 2, Guanglin earned his Bachelors degree fromZhejiang Sci-Tech University. He enjoys reading, sports and traveling.

Qing Wang is a project designer 2 and is originally from Shaanxi Xi'An. Currently residing in Beijing, Qing earned her Bachelor of Architecture degree from Edinburgh-March Xi'An Architecture & Technology University. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, music and traveling.

Coly Liang has joined the GBBN family as an accounting specialist. A native of Jilin City, Coly will help maintain project fee and budget information, produce client billing, prepare and run reports to track projecting billings and unbilled work in process, as well as input daily cash transactions including cash receipts, employee expenses and vendor payments. In her spare time, Coly enjoys climbing and singing.

Jiao Zhang is a native of Dalian, and has been hired as the firm's translator. She has an impressive and extensive list of degrees from various institutions of higher education: Bachelor of Music - Glenn Gould School of the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronot, Canada; Master of Music - Eastman School of Muisc - University of Rochester; and a Doctor of Musical Arts - Butler School of Music - University of Texas at Austin.