GBBN Gingerbread House Design Takes Top Honors

For the third year in a row, GBBN Architects held a silent auction with all proceeds going to the local chapter of SDA (Society of Design Administrators). GBBNers were asked to donate items either purchased or homemade. And what has proven to be a tradition, this year's amount collected -- $954 -- far exceeded those of last year.

“Special thanks to everyone who worked so hard to make this year's auction such a huge success," said Carolyn Denny, firm administrative assistant and SDA member. “Gina Murray of GOP, Ltd and president of SDA said she is always so amazed at the way GBBN gets involved with the Christmas giving project,” added Carolyn.

GBBN was given 23 names of individuals from the Council on Aging who have no family and are in need of some cheering up during the holidays. "We were told not to feel obligated to get them all something, as other SDA members were also participating in this year's campaign," said Denny. "Thanks to the generosity shown, I will be able to shop for the people on our list, ensuring that everyone will receive something."

Denny added, “On behalf of SDA, I would like to tell you how much we appreciate everyone’s efforts in making this Christmas a little more merrier for these folks."

Special thanks goes to the Cincinnati Museum Center and the Newport Aquarium for their donations to this year's silent auction.