GBBN Gives Back To CPS

Carson School is a brand new educational facility recently added to the Cincinnati Public School system and the Price Hill community. Designed by GBBN, the K-8, 550 student school replaces a 92 year-old original school building situated on the site. Initiated by Matthew Schottelkotte, the new Carson mural was to be the first GBBN GIVES BACK project. The core project team, consisting of Aaron Anderson, Scott Vidourek, Phil Babinec, and Ray Mack, worked within a tight window of time for completion of the project, but that didn't stop an amazing turnout of GBBN volunteers.

With less than a month before school beginning, a design, work plan, and volunteer sign-ups arose at lighting speed. Four work crews were organized and painting spanned two weekends totaling around 230 hours of painting between 20 individuals. 

An objective of the design team was to incorporate salvaged relics from the original school into the new building spaces. Measuring almost 7’ in diameter, a reclaimed clock face from the original clock tower was incorporated into and defines the theme for the new mural. With a blank 8’ x 24’ tall cinder block canvass at there disposal, the designers chose to expand upon the clock and its fantastic mechanics, and immerse the buildings users and visitors in a space reflecting on the power of working together. “We wanted to inspire the students to think ‘big’ toward their future, and yet still recognize the schools wonderful history,” said Aaron Anderson. “It was exciting to see the turnout of the 20 or so volunteers in such a short notice." He added, "In addition to the terrific product that was created, the project certainly helped define and showcase GBBN’s culture.”

Special thanks to the following GBBNers who so generously gave of their time to help make GBBN GIVES BACK such a success:

  • Aaron Anderson
  • Phil Babinec
  • Jennifer Choto
  • Britney Groneck
  • Jason Groneck
  • Spencer Johnson
  • Steve Kenat
  • Marcie Kinney
  • Andreas Lange
  • Mike Lied
  • Ray Mack
  • Jeanette McCarthy
  • Pat Moore
  • Jodi Mulcahy
  • Suzie Nagy
  • Mercedeh Namei
  • Lindsay Satzger
  • Grace Schottelkotte
  •  Matthew Schottelkotte
  • Eric Sunderland
  •  Scott Vidourek
  •  Ariel Washington