GBBN Teams Up For Red Bull Soap Box Derby Race

Q:  What do you get when you combine the design skills of GBBN along with committed and dedicated fellow sponsors: Shayne Graham Foundation, Ronald McDonald House, and Messer Construction?

A:  Team Golden Grahams and the Grahamobile. Recently the Queen City hosted the Red Bull Soapbox Race in which Golden Grahams was one of 40 entries that took the slogan, "The only race where fast is good, outrageous is even better!" to new heights. Given the 3-point criteria: speed, creativity and showmanship, the Golden Grahams team designed and built what can only be described as a true work of art.

Special thanks to driver Jerry Noble of Messer Construction, and pit crew members: Shayne Graham, Cincinnati Bengals; Hank Reed - Manager/Marketing Agent for Shayne Graham; Stephanie Creech - Communications Manager, Ronald McDonald House; and Joe Bodkin - GBBN Architects.

Shayne was with the Bengals in Dallas for a game, but appeared via video on the jumbo-tron offering words of encouragement for the team. Now that's teamwork!