StreetCAN Named Desire Earns CAN Spirit Award

GBBN has been a part of Cincinnati's CANstruction for all of its 12 years, typically bringing home a trophy. This year, Team GBBN earned the CAN Spirit Award for its StreetCAN Named Desire -- its 9,500 can design.

The current economy effected not only the Free Store Foodbank -- the benefactor of CANstruction -- but also the amount of money collected from donations used to subsidize the cost of the cans. GBBN turned to Cincinnati-based supermarket bigg's hoping like in the past, they would once again help.

Wanting to give as many cans of food as possible to the Free Store Foodbank, GBBN's CANstruction team came up with a design that required 9,500 cans. "We wanted to make sure we gave as much as possible this year because of the demand at the Free Store," said Andrew Plogsted, CANstruction team member.  He added, "We definitely didn't have the necessary funds for the amount of cans needed, and bigg's wanted to do whatever they could to help us out."

Enter bigg's Grocery Buyer Randy Miller. He contacted Supervalu and other vendors, asking them for help. Understanding the supply and demand issue at hand, all of the companies Miller contacted stepped up and either donated a majority of their cans or gave major discounts. In the end, over 4.5 tons of food were used to bring StreetCAN Named Desire to fruition. "We'd like to thank Grocery Manager, Ed McCoy, who coordinated everything for us, and was invaluable in organizing everything at bigg's from early pricing through delivery," said Plogsted. "This was truly a team effort from start to finish." He added, "We gladly share the CAN Spirit Award with everyone that helped make StreetCAN Named Desire such a success."

Special thanks to the companies that stepped up and made major donations (product and financial) to this year's design project, and more importantly to such a worthwhile cause -- the Free Store Foodbank.

  • bigg's
  • Supervalu Inc.
  • Bush Brothers Inc.
  • Red Gold
  • Great Lakes
  • Starkist. Inc.
  • Plastigraphics
  • KLH Engineers
  • Thelen Associates, Inc.
  • THP Limited, Inc.
  • Messer Construction