David Duff Presents at 13th China Hospital Construction Forum

David Duff

Senior Healthcare Planner David Duff presented at the 13th China Hospital Construction Forum - Hospital Build China 2012. China has become the worlds largest consumer of energy and is constructing the equivalent of the entire building stock of Japan, annually. This year's conference focused on Sustainability for Healthcare and Integrating Evidence based Design. David presented "The Case for Functional Layout of a Green Hospital". The four main themes within the presentation were:

1. The case for sustainability, the capacity to endure; it's not an option.
2. LEED 2009 for Healthcare is the most widely utilized set of standards for design intent and measurement for sustainable design and its performance.
3. A review of sustainable design criteria (from LEED 2009 for Healthcare) and their parallels in current Chinese healthcare design precepts.
4. Integrated Project Design and Delivery, the final criteria in LEED for Healthcare poses a particular challenge to the more linear and often chaotic Chinese design/ delivery process.

David concluded his presentation with a challenge to work toward a more integrated approach to design and delivery of projects. This would require bringing together an inclusive group of stakeholders (client, architect, engineers, specialty consultants, contractors, and government officials) throughout the develpment and constrction of the project.