Cincinnati Music Hall To Undergo Facilities Review Study

For nearly 130 years, Cincinnati Music Hall has been an architectural icon having played host to both athletic and cultural events. Currently the home of the Cincinnati Symphony and Cincinnati Ballet, Cincinnati Music Hall is in need of improvements in relation to patron amenities.

GBBN is proud to be involved in maintaining the architectural heritage of a building that has served generations of patrons. Built in 1878, the impressive structure has undergone a number of renovations and updates over the years. Currently GBBN is working in collaboration with theatre planner, Fisher Dachs Associates and acoustics designer Jaffe Holden Acoustics on the facilities review study.

“We’re honored to be a part of the review and design team studying Music Hall,” said Joe Schwab, AIA, director of the firm’s arts and entertainment market, as well as firm principal. “GBBN has worked successfully with Fisher Dachs and Jaffe Holden on the Schuster Performing Arts Center in Dayton, and the Carnival Center for Performing Arts in Miami.”

The facilities review study will identify the patron amenities needed to increase the general efficiency of the facility for its users. With newer, more up-to-date cultural arts venues available as alternative options, patrons are traveling elsewhere for entertainment while the historical icon sits unused or not utilized to its potential. The scope of the review will include identifying facility issues and provide possible solutions for consideration.

“Identifying the problems encountered by audiences, performers, staff members and technicians is the first step in the project process,” said Schwab.  “Once that information is gathered and presented to the Owner for review along with possible solutions, subsequent phases of the project can be initiated.”

Upon completion and implementation of the masterplan, Cincinnati Music Hall will once again provide its patrons with the look and feel of the architectural and cultural icon it once was, and will continue to be in the future.