Designing A Comfortable Environment Is Priority One At Mayfield Clinic & Spine Institute

Creating a welcoming and comfortable environment was the focal point of concern when it came to designing the new Mayfield Clinic and Spine Institute, located directly off I-71 in Cincinnati.

GBBN’s design team worked closely with the surgeons and leadership of the new surgical center in order to provide amenities such as individual pre and post-operative rooms. Here patients along with their family are able to prepare and recover from surgery in a quiet and private environment. Each recovery room also has its own restroom for additional privacy.

The most important design concept from the start was ensuring that there was a non-clinical feel to the interior finishes and colors used throughout the 13,000 square-foot –facility.

“Our primary focus was on patient and staff flow. The building footprint is a pie shape which posed a challenge but the end result was an extremely efficient plan,” said Amy Mees, project designer. Equal in importance was the look and feel of the facility from the patient’s viewpoint. An overall soothing color palette was used throughout the pre-operative corridors where we chose wood (vinyl) floors.” Mees added, “Carpet in patient rooms versus vinyl flooring helps in controlling the amount and volume of outside noise.”

"GBBN helped us create an environment that is sophisticated and classy, but in no way overstated or pretentious," said Thomas G. Saul, MD, president of Mayfield Clinic and Spine Institute. He added, "The design is so inviting to the patient in that it is so not like a hospital."

A unique feature of the center is that there are no physician’s offices on site. The outpatient surgical facility is made up of three operating rooms, a pain management center, nine pre/post-operative rooms, a small administrative component, and staff support spaces. GBBN provided pre-design, masterplanning, architectural and interior design services.

Photos by J. Miles Wolfe