GBBN’s Mark Lee and Anne Schwab Go Abroad to Germany

How far is GBBN willing to go for their clients to ensure quality detailing? As far as necessary - in this case, approximately 4541.35 miles (yes, we Googled it!). GBBN’s Mark Lee and Anne Schwab, along with University of Louisville Owner’s Representative Mike Materna visited ArGeTon’s plant in Gorlitz, Germany to do an in-depth review of the glaze colors for the terracotta rainscreen system for the new HSC Pediatric Medical Office Building. The building will use a total of 14 different glaze colors for the rainscreen system.

They’ve learned with this project that formulating custom glaze colors is tough – chemical reactions between natural ingredients are highly unpredictable. Considering ArGeTon will be producing and shipping around 35,000 square feet of glazed terracotta tiles to Louisville at the end of September, Mark and Anne went to their factory to personally ensure the correct colors were chosen for the project.