GBBN Canstruction 2016 Wins Best Use of Labels

Sitting at 8.5 feet tall by 13 feet wide and consisting of 3,575 cans, GBBN's structure entitled "We EmotiCAN" took home the Best Use of Labels award in the 19th Annual Cincinnati Canstruction event. 

Canstruction is an international community service project of the design and construction industry to benefit community food banks. Throughout the years, Cincinnati Canstruction has contributed collected food to the Freestore Foodbank. This year's event resulted in 80,736 pounds in food donations, which is the equivalent of 67,280 meals that will go to local Cincinnatians enduring hunger.

Twenty teams built their 'canstructures' in six downtown locations including Weston Art Gallery/Aronoff Center, the Downtown Public Library, the Contemporary Arts Center, the Scripps Center, Center at 600 Vine, and the Hyatt Regency Hotel.