GBBN Helps Valley Asphalt Earn LEED Gold For Its Net Zero Energy Building

Valley Asphalt Corporation is one of the largest asphalt providers in the region with multiple manufacturing plants throughout Ohio.  In business since the 1930’s, their mission is to “succeed in surpassing others in innovative ideas, and to be the foremost leader within the industry by providing the highest quality construction products and services”. To that end, they understand the environmental impact of their product and are continually seeking ways to reduce the footprint of their industry.

Their existing operations facility was in need of renovations so they hired GBBN Architects to completely overhaul the facility and design the new space to be more environmentally friendly.  The goal of this project was to show national leadership in sustainable practice for the asphalt industry, thus striving to be the first LEED certified asphalt plant operations building in the nation. Not only was the goal a more sustainable building, but the operations were addressed as well.

The team was successful in achieving LEED Gold Certification under LEED – NC v 2.2.  The sustainable modifications include:  

- Pervious asphalt, native grasses and rain gardens allow all rainwater hitting the site to be infiltrated into the soil, eliminating the need for a detention basin
- 54% of the Project Site has been restored to native or adaptive plantings
- Rainwater Runoff Rate was reduced by 72%
- Rainwater Runoff Quantity was reduced by 69%
- 60% of parking spaces are provided under cover

- Solar Photovoltaic panels provide 80% of the total building power needs
- 88% better energy performance than ASHRAE 90.1-2004 standard
- 100% of remaining power for building (above PV power) is offset thru Green Power Purchase

Water -
 On-site well for water source / On-site treatment for sewage… no water or sewer bill
- All planting on site are native or adaptive to the region and do not require irrigation
- 23% water savings thru use of low-flow fixtures

- Incorporated durable exterior products that will last a lifetime
- 98% of the existing structure was reused
- 80% of the construction waste was kept out of the landfill
- 25% of all the products used in the building came from recycled sources
- 42% of all the products used in the building came from within 500 miles of the site

Indoor Air Quality
- Amount of CO2 is monitored in the building notifying occupants when unhealthy thresholds are reached
- ALL paints, coatings, and adhesives are low VOC
- Lighting controls automatically dim artificial lighting when enough natural light is present

- Net Zero Emissions between solar PV and Green Power purchase

Special thanks to Team GBBN: Alan Warner (Project Manager), Rich Crawford (Project Architect), Artie Spaw (Designer) and Andrew Plogsted (LEED Specialist).