GBBN Louisville Brings Home The Gold

In this situation, there is only room for one on the podium, so to speak – no silver or bronze, only GOLD! LEED Gold certification, that is.

GBBN Louisville recently earned a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold certification using the Commercial Interiors Rating System from the US Green Building Council (USGBC).

“We are absolutely thrilled with the news,” said Jason Groneck, manager of the GBBN Louisville office. “GBBN is committed to sustainable design and being environmentally conscious, this is an example of that commitment to practicing green design.”

Located in the historic business district of downtown Louisville, GBBN renovated the 3,500 square-foot office space prior to opening its doors for business in November 2008. GBBN made an extra effort to incorporate ‘green design’ in its renovation of the space. For example, sustainable efforts implemented included reusing or recycling almost all existing interior finishes, as well as the use of all low-VOC materials throughout. The interior was designed to take advantage of the northern and southern exposures maximizing natural light. Indoor air quality was improved via a new make-up air unit.

“Our involvement with USGBC has really helped our practice stand out as leaders in the industry, and perhaps the most in Louisville,” said Andrew Plogsted, LEED AP, and member of GBBN’s sustainable design team. He added, “We continue to incorporate sustainable design ideas into all of our projects, even if the client is not going for a certification.”

Along with the certification come a number of firsts. This particular project is the first:

LEED Gold office located in the Historic Main Street District Area
LEED-CI Gold office in downtown Louisville
LEED-CI Gold architectural office in Louisville

Sustainability design doesn’t mean doing more with less according to Plogsted. “It does mean doing things more efficiently and always keeping in mind that the decisions we make today will affect the ability of others to make their own tomorrow.”

Groneck added, “We’re constantly reiterating the importance of sustainability to our clients, and that it’s worth the investment in the beginning, in order to see the value and benefits in the long run.” He added, “We put into practice that belief, and have Gold LEED certification to show for it.”