GBBN Prominently Featured at Healthcare Design 11 Conference

GBBN's knowledge and projects were on full display at the Healthcare Design 11 Conference, November 14-16 at the Gaylord Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee.

Our depth of expertise was shared with a national audience when GBBN's senior healthcare planner and designer Jim Harrell, FAIA, FACHA, co-presented a session with Tim Gramann, COO of Group Health Associates. The duo delivered their views in a session titled Enhanced Patient Experience-Design Driver for Urban Hospital-based Ambulatory Care. Harrell and Gramann outlined the many components of convenient care, including: access to transportation; open, well-staffed reception; electronic kiosks for rapid check in; positive distractions; clarity in wayfinding; and "one-stop-shopping" for diagnostics, pharmacy, and retail services. A review of the session, written by Healthcare Design Magazine staff, can be accessed by clicking here.

Harrell also presented a session titled The "Ribbon" ED-Design for Staffing Optimization, which illustrated the "Ribbon" design for the Emergency Department (ED). The "Ribbon," or continuous, closed-loop layout of exam rooms, enables minimal staff to manage peak patient excess for a short period of time and keeps operating costs in line. To learn more about these presentations, visit the Knowledge section of our website.

Topping off the Conference, the recently opened Albert B. Chandler Medical Center Patient Care Facility received a Citation of Merit award from Healthcare Design Magazine, which praised the "building's wayfinding system and the overall excellence of the plan itself."

The jury had high praise for many of the significant features of the 1,230,000 square foot facility, noting specifically the focus on patients, staff, students, and technology as a basis for all design and construction decisions. The jury also expressed an appreciation for the "Celebrate Kentucky" wall, an interactive feature on the concourse level that has a changing display with a focus on the various regions and counties that make up the state. As part of UK's extensive Arts in Healthcare program, Kentucky artists and art forms are featured throughout the facility.

The green and sustainable features of the facility did not go unnoticed by jurors, either. They expressed an appreciation for the sustainable features, including 23,000 square feet of green roof and the use of natural, recycled, low VOC, and renewable materials.

A digital version of the magazine's showcase can be seen by clicking here.