GBBN Wins Four Awards for Design Excellence

GBBN received four recognitions for design excellence at the fifteenth annual Cincinnati Design Awards held in the Hall of Mirrors at the Hilton Cincinnati Netherland Plaza Hotel on Friday, November 11, 2011.


The Dragon City Exhibition Hall received an Honor Award:
The Exhibition Hall is the cultural centerpiece of Elite Dragon City, a new town development in Wuqing (pronounced woo ching), southeast of Beijing. As seen from the main road and entry drive, the exhibition hall is a pure circle floating enigmatically on reflective waters. It gradually reveals its complexity and landscape integration as visitors rediscover it from the surrounding shopping village or arrive via small boats from remote parking.

Park 5 received a Merit Award:
The new development at Park 5 was designed around the concept that “You are where you live”. The project emphasizes Chaoyang Park District as a vibrant neighborhood, creating a sense of place and permanence.  The urban siting of the building along the street creates a ground level ribbon of retail interaction and a protective wall for interior courtyards.  The design emphasizes simplicity, with a layering of detail. As one transitions through the site they experience a true order of URBAN, SITE and HUMAN scales. The building embraces the active surrounding site; however, allows for quiet spaces that provide areas of shelter from the same urban environment.


United Way of Greater Cincinnati received an Honor Award:
The United Way of Greater Cincinnati (UWGC) chose to remain in the heart of the city where they can best serve the community. The design team was challenged to transform their turn-of-the-century building, which had not been renovated for fifty years, into an effective work environment that supports community outreach services and enhances the internal work spaces, without being perceived as wasteful or excessive in the use of resources. The solution created a flexible Convening Center on the first level that can be utilized by the UWGC, their affiliated agencies, and the public, thus minimizing the need for large meeting rooms throughout the building and providing a much needed growth area.

Wellington Elementary School received an Honorable Mention:
The new school was designed to be the most energy efficient and sustainable school in Fayette County. By shaping the building in a way that takes best advantage of sunlight, all classrooms and most in the building are daylit, reducing energy consumption and improving the quality of the learning environment. This elementary school itself is also a teaching tool; systems that would be hidden in a conventional school are visible and easily explainable to students.