Healthcare Futures Team Travels to Hill-Rom

The GBBN Healthcare Futures Team focuses on advancing research, trends, innovation, and education within the healthcare environment.  Eighteen of the group’s planners, designers and technical specialists traveled to the Hill-Rom Customer Experience Center on Wednesday to learn more about the latest in trends in furnishings for the patient care environment.

The team had the opportunity to view the entire line of Hill-Rom products and discuss new features added to existing products.  Afterward, they discussed Hill-Rom's work to integrate their products to address the entire spectrum of care delivery through locator badges, automation, and sensors.  They also discussed how the company is strategically partnering with other companies that make products such as patient lifts, that are then designed to seamlessly interface with Hill-Rom systems. 

The Futures Team is looking for ways to incorporate equipment vendors like this into the Integrated Project Delivery process.  Medical Equipment can cost up to one third of the total project budget, and the coordination of infrastructure to support it is a crucial issue that is often filled with challenges in the current project delivery system.  Making it part of the process sooner could eliminate those challenges down the road.