Providing Comfort Through Design

When a newborn baby requires monitoring and care in a neonatal intensive care unit, it helps if the surroundings are (1) state-of-the-art; and (2) welcoming and comforting. That was the plan behind the design of Cincinnati Children's RCNIC (Regional Center for Neonatal Intensive Care) renovation and addition project recently completed by GBBN Architects.

With the 30' wide expansion to the back of CCHMC's Hospital Tower, GBBN was able to collaborate with Cincinnati Children's to expand their level 3 NICU to add private patient rooms to the existing 16,800 square-foot unit.

RCNIC's existing unit included six bays of 6-7 infant stations plus three isolation rooms. The new 6,000 square-foot expansion allows for the addition of 11 private patient rooms including a family zone for parents to visit and/or sleep; decentralized nurse stations, a multiple-patient room and a therapy treatment room.

As it was a top priority of the department to create a welcoming, non-institutional environment that would appeal to families, GBBN incorporated village and residential artwork throughout the new unit and in public spaces creating a unique identity for the RCNIC.