Teamwork Proves Successful With Competition

In any industry you have competition. It seems you come up against the same people/companies every time you pursue a project. The same is true in the world of architecture, and in a city where there are such a large number of firms, you're bound to run into one another on a frequent basis.

It was with that in mind that the leaders of three of Cincinnati's more prominent and successful architecture firms sat down and discussed a proposal. Instead of competing for the Convention Center project, why not pull their resources and team up for the project. To make a long story short, GBBN Architects teamed up with two area firms and did just that -- formed the Cincinnati Architects Collaborative (CAC). The group was successful in winning the project, and late last month the Duke Energy Center opened to rave reviews four months ahead of schedule and $10 million under budget.

"Collaboration is becoming more and more common among competing firms," said Bob Gramann, GBBN's president. "Our three firms approached the project with a common mission -- to provide the City of Cincinnati with a great design for the Duke Energy Center from a hometown team!"

Does the future hold additional projects for the CAC? "We've proven that working together worked, and worked very successfully on the Duke Energy Center," said Gramann. "The CAC will be going after the proposed $250 million new corrections facility for Hamilton County."

Photos by Miles Wolfe