The new theater for Cincinnati Shakespeare is under construction.

Construction is progressing on Cincinnati Shakespeare Company’s new Over the Rhine home. Currently, the foundations have been poured and now Messer Construction is working on pouring the walls. Our designers worked with Messer and project partners to review concrete wall mock ups onsite to get the color, texture, and strength spot on to achieve the design vision.

We flew our drone to capture the works thus far and are very excited to see the shape of the theater come to life. As you see from the images, the thrust of the stage is now visible.

Fun Facts:
- There are an estimated 115 tons of steel reinforcing cast into the concrete on this project. This is equal to the weight of 3 Street Cars or 84 Honda Civics.
- There were an estimate 2,500 cubic yards of dirt excavated for the basement/trap foundations work in a matter of 3 days. This is enough dirt to fill an Olympic sized swimming pool.

Stayed tuned for more updates.