Mick McNutt — AIA

Project Manager


With more than ten years of experience, Mick McNutt has worked on a wide range of project types, from health care to education as well as cultural institutions and commercial projects. Throughout his career he has focused on creating innovative design solutions that satisfy client’s desires. Working on the design team for the University of Pittsburgh | Swanson School of Engineering since 2006, Mick has continually produced functional improvements to the multiuse facility by listening to and understanding the needs of the client. Affable and down to earth, Mick strives to simplify the complexities of architecture to the terms familiar to the people he works with so that the client can be confident in and satisfied with the work his team produces.

Who has been a great influence on your life? How?

My grandmother. Memories of her taking me on the bus to downtown Pittsburgh, walking the streets and always willing to start a conversation with absolute strangers – she seemed to demonstrate how to be a passionate urban dweller as well as a good human being.

What 3 words best describe you

Observant, affable, honest.

Recent Projects


  • Carnegie Mellon School of Architecture, Adjunct Assistant Professor
  • Co-creator of GBBN’s Design Issue Series (DIS)