3CDC / The Esther Marie Hatton Center for Women


Location: Cincinnati, Ohio

Size: 20,000 SF

Program Features:
60 Residential Spaces
Public Spaces & Living Rooms
Use of Natural Daylighting

The Drop Inn Center is a centerpiece of the City’s Homeless to Homes initiative and an iconic new building for the Drop Inn Center. This state of the art shelter that provides a sense of home, dignity, and security for the residents and will support them in their long-term life planning goals with education, programming, and assistance throughout their stay.

The facility accommodates up to 60 homeless women and provides them living space for daily personal development programs and communal interaction. Primary living rooms and public spaces are located on the ground level, while the second level is dedicated to the more private residential functions. Bedrooms are organized and grouped into small neighborhoods to help foster a sense of community and provide a more residential scale lacking in most homeless shelters. Natural daylighting is a primary design element to help the space feel light, bright, warm, and inviting. Additionally, a material palette was chosen that provides durability without feeling institutional.