4moms / Corporate Headquarters


Location: Pittsburgh, PA

Scope: Full Architectural Services

Size: 65,000 SF

4moms is an innovative design and technology company dedicated to making the best products for babies and their parents. Occupying six floors of a downtown Pittsburgh building, the office provides 4moms with a variety of work environments that offer choice, encourage collaboration, and accommodate quiet workspace requirements.

Along with a flexible open space with workstations for each employee (including executives, designers and other staff alike), fully half of the space is devoted to meeting rooms, lounge spaces, and pin up and presentation areas, all supplemented with electronic display resources and technology interfaces. Features include raised lounge platforms and sliding whiteboards. A large café/ coffee shop area offers a respite from the office floors, but provides ample space for small and large group gathering and work areas. The space additionally accommodates ‘all hands’ meetings and gatherings of the entire company. A photo studio and maker laboratories for developing prototypes support the design activities.