Alliance Corporation / Bowling Green Block 6 Development


Location: Bowling Green, Kentucky


Size: 68,000 SF Retail/Restaurant Space, 50,000 SF Residential 100,000 SF Office, 800 Parking Structure

Program Features: Mixed-Use Office, Restaurant/Retail, Residential, Parking

This mixed-use project, in the heart of downtown Bowling Green's arts and entertainment district revitalization master plan, illustrates the enormous opportunity for integrated economic success when public and private ventures unite.

The building establishes a gateway for the city, and is designed to respond to the urban core scale and density, while unifying the adjacent Ballpark complex, and the Southern Kentucky Performing Arts Center and Circus Square Park across the street. In meeting current market demands and expectations for a pedestrian-oriented Live /Work/Play environment, the street-level retail engages the amenities users, supports the growing residential population, and stimulates adjacent economic growth. Further integrating community needs, the carefully screened 800 space public garage satisfies the demands for the project residents and office/retail users, the Ballpark & Arts users, and provides additional parking for Western Kentucky University.