Beijing Fuli Real Estate Development Company / Firenze Sales Hall


Location: Beijing, Tongzhou District, China

Scope: Facade Design/Renovation

The project is meant to showcase the concept of urban living in the scenic and natural district of the city of Beijing. When the alignment of vision was established between our team and the client, we all understood that bringing transparency and natural light into the exhibition space should be the essence of the project. However, when a to-be-renovated existing building was chosen with an aggressive opening date, the design team was immediately faced with a structure of densely spaced concrete post and beams.

The design strategy was to calibrate the portions of the existing concrete roof slab to be removed in order to bring natural light into the significant exhibition and social space. Our team reconstructed the existing concrete structure in digital format and imposed a system of extruded skylights within the existing roof.

The sense of compression of the original concrete roof is turned into a series of skylit glass ceilings. The uniformity of the space is now transformed by a variety of scale provided by the skylights. A series of steel arches on the facade reflects the sectional quality of the glass ceilings in-between the preserved concrete beams. The lightness of the transformed space is conveyed by the floating layers of steel plates within the repetition of arches.