Bejing Jade Investment Group / Sanhe Urban Planning


Location : Beijing, Sanhe Hebei Province

Size: 733,337 sqm
Scope of service: Master conceptual plan, architectural design
Project type: Residential & commercial

The project is located at the exit of Jingping Highway. As per project positioning, site A will be focused as an iconic building as for the location sits at the intersection of two key planned roads.

The design takes full account in terms of 3-site functions and interactive relationships based on master conceptual plan.The hotel and apartment go along with direction of major planned roads expanding the formation of scattered and own a 120m high block high ground,overlooking the direction of beijing and Jingping highway. The consistent retail type maximize the efficiency and retail atmosphere with offering various shopping space to consumers.
The adjacent commercial buildings formulate inner courtyard with distinct themes and decorative styles. The courtyard connects those free space to capture the efficient distance for commercial streets and maximize the atmosphere.