Burns & Scalo / Skyline Office Tower


Location: Pittsburgh, PA

Size: 300,000 SF

This 300,000 sf commercial building for a Pittsburgh developer occupies a site overlooking the Monongahela River. Bounded on the river side by a high speed vehicular way, the buiding orients itself to the car on that side, with three levels of parking, and the pedestrian on the other side. Both object and subject, the building is a prominent part of the skyline bu also provides compelling views of the hills beyond to its occupants. EDGE studio's design distributes the conventional atrium to the skin and the exterior of the building, resulting in multiple Sky Gardens, open to the air. The arrangement rotates around the southern facade of the building, from east to west in response to the movement of the sun. The glass facade is gently faceted to direct daylight into the Sky Gardens and into the building floors.
Connected internally, the Sky Gardens are accessible to all building occupants, with a restaurant and terrace at the southwest corner. This vertical network of green space within the office tower echoes the horizontal distribution of green parks at street level. The infusion of light and air, along with efficient building systems project a sustainable design agenda both in vision and in practice.