Cincinnati Museum Center / Eulett Center


Location: West Union, Ohio

Size:  7,000 SF/New Construction
Program Features:
Meeting Rooms
Short-term Housing
Sustainable Features:
Local building materials
Extensive daylighting in all spaces
Building Siting

The Eulett Center for research and education enhances the Cincinnati Museum Center's Edge of Appalachia program on the 13,000 acre preserve jointly owned by CMC and The Nature Conservancy.  The facility accommodates offices for both organizations, and was designed with flexible spaces for educational programs for children and adults, environmental monitoring and laboratory research, and even executive and corporate retreat opportunities.  Short-term accommodations are included for researchers who take advantage of this remarkable ecosystem - all on a hillside overlooking the Brush Creek.

GBBN's role on the project began with assisting CMC with a grant application to the State of Ohio, resulting in primary funding for the project.  The facility was designed using many principles of sustainability, including locally-quarried stone for the exterior, reclaimed wood and natural cedar siding, and the siting of the building itself which minimized site clearing requirements and took best advantage of topography, views and sun angles.