COASTAL Corporation / Mentougou District Observation Tower


Size: 670,000 sqm
Scope of Service: Conceptual master plan and architectural design
Project Type:
Commercial / Office / Hotel - 400,000 sqm (including Tower)
Residential - 100,000 sqm
School - 20,000 sqm
Public Architecture - 150,000

Located in the western mountains, Mentougou is  the gateway to Beijing.   Mentougou is known for it's natural resources and mountainous terrain.  The goal was to create a nine block mixed use development with retail, office, and residential space as well as an iconic tower to be used  as a hotel, office and viewing tower.  The iconic tower reflects the mountainous shapes and is respectful of the natural environment with its small footprint.   The site design extends the greenbelt and maximizes daylighting techniques.