City of Cincinnati / 7th and Sycamore Parking Garage

Location: Cincinnati, Ohio

Size: 650 Parking Spaces

Program Features: Parking Garage

The Design Approach for this 650-space garage took advantage of the highly prominent site within the City of Cincinnati. Using traffic patterns on 7th and 8th streets, and the Sycamore Street exposure, GBBN created a highly efficient parking structure in this area of the City, and also made a compelling statement about the City’s commitment to forward thinking design and sustainable practices.

The exterior massing of the building breaks down the repetitive nature of parking structures into distinct engaging facades on all sides. A masonry and a terra cotta rain screen, with elements of a ‘living wall’ further enhance the façade and create a more interesting visual composition. The treatment of stair towers and creation of marquee elements strengthen the identity and serve as branding opportunities and celebrate the neighborhood.