Dayton Superior / Innovation Center


Location: Miamisburgh, Ohio

Scope: Full Architectural Services

Size: 11,000 SF

The Innovation Center serves as a hub for research, development and technology services in support of the Dayton Superior’s new product development initiative. A chemical research laboratory, an engineering laboratory, a product showroom, and product testing and prototyping equipment all circle a flexible and contemporary meeting/conference space, allowing the multidisciplinary team to assess, evaluate, prototype, and launch new products at an industry leading pace.

To further enhance the Dayton Superior brand, their corporate colors of turquoise, blue, and gray and their hexagon logo, were skillfully fused into the contemporary design, creating a fun and energetic workplace. Incorporating glass walls throughout invites interaction between the laboratories and meeting spaces, as well as enhances the feeling of openness and light in this internal space. Careful control of light and ventilation was necessary for the sensitive testing equipment, a challenge within the previously minimally-conditioned warehouse space.