Elite Enterprise Group / Dragon Cove New Town Sales Hall


Location: Tianjin, Hebei

Size: 2,567 SM / 27,620 SF

Program Features:
Exhibition and Support office

Sustainability Features:
Green roof and Low-e glass

Dragon City Exhibition Hall is the cultural centerpiece of Elite Dragon City, a new town development in Wuqing (pronounced woo ching), southeast of Beijing.  As seen from the main road and entry drive, the exhibition hall is a pure circle floating enigmatically on reflective waters. It gradually reveals its complexity and landscape integration as visitors rediscover it from the surrounding shopping village or arrive via small boats from remote parking.

Sleek and sinuous, the building envelops a spare, circular plaza at the convergence of three pedestrian avenues. The landscape palette is deliberately restrained: smooth granite paving and steps; trees and low ground cover. The building frames views back to the shore and out to the water beneath its hovering volume.

Two ground-level lobbies offer access to interior, in which curving stairs sweep up to the expansive main gallery. Shallow exterior stairs extend the main village shopping avenue up onto the roof, engaging the building firmly into the pedestrian district and offering a central vantage point for views of the surroundings.

The hall’s sleek skin of curved clear glass with a ceramic frit is alternatively reflective and transparent according to point of view, sun angle and intensity. Deceptively simple as it is, the building gradually reveals itself as the powerful focal point of the community.