Elite Enterprise Group / The Tang Hotel


Location: Baoting, Hainan province

Size:85,404 sqm
Scope of service: Master Conceptual Plan and Architectural Design
Project Type: Residential, Hotel and Commercial

The Baoting longwan rainforest valley is located in Baoting County of the Qixianling landscape protected zone. The maximum height difference is 35 meters. Half of the land at the northwest side is relatively flat, a gradual slope to the south side was considered the better zone for development and utilization of the foothills.

The design emphasizes characteristics of the mountainous terrain and existing eco-green landscape, creating a combination of multi-layers. The underlying residential group form positive sloped floor plans of a variety of low-rise residential spaces, to ensure that all the rooms can face the Qixianling Scenic Area in order to maximize views. A clear separation between the residents and the public is created close to the entrance. The development community takes full advantage of group sites, systematic design and landscape. Through the architectural connections, the theme is extending to the landscape to form a complete visual landscape system.