Joseph Beth Booksellers / Book Store


Location: Fredericksburg, Virginia

Size: 30,000 SF/New Construction of Tenant Improvements
Program Elements:
Sustainable Features:
Daylight Harvesting
Recycled Materials

Joseph Beth’s mission for their bookstores around the country is to be the most knowledgeable, community serving, independent bookseller in the country.  Their newest store in Fredericksburg introduced a new 100-seat restaurant and an 80-seat event space to accommodate book signings, conferences, and social events.

The Fredericksburg site offered unique challenges including how to create intimate, community centered space within a big-box type store.  The resulting project updates the store's brand image, and allows for the more environmentally sustainable interior design.  Extensive research and care was put into the priority of daylight harvesting and selection of sustainable, durable finishes, that create an upscale and warm dining environment.

The Bronte Bistro is perhaps the most innovative of the company's restaurants. The space is designed to accommodate patrons exclusively for the restaurant, and those that wander in after a visit to the bookstore.  Book groups have ample space to conduct their meetings in a casual dining experience, and the bar moves seamlessly from a daytime coffee bar to an evening bar.