Plumbers and Pipefitters Union 392 / Union Headquarters & Hall


Location: Cincinnati, Ohio

Size: 18,000 SF

Program Features:
Administrative Offices
Meeting & Conference Space
Use of Daylighting throughout Design
Sustainable Systems & Materials

The new location for L392 is the first-ever opportunity for the organization to design and configure their own building and image. As an institution rooted in construction and craftsmanship with a rich history, yet with the goal to be forward-thinking towards the future of the industry, the building is designed to represent this balance. Located on the same corner as Cincinnati's iconic City Hall, brick is a predominant material, paired with enough glass to take full advantage of a daylighting strategy for all office spaces, emphasize transparency in the organization, create striking views from and through the building, and create an opportunity for a celebratory timeline and mural that activates the street level.

The building contains several functions including administrative, confidential Union business, and a Union Hall - a flexible meeting and conference space at the lower level. It is raised from the street to maintain privacy of first-floor office areas, and to give the building additional street presence, highlighted by corner stairs as defining elements. Systems and materials throughout the building are selected and designed with a goal of sustainability and best technology, using the building as a showcase for the next generation of building technology in design and operational efficiency.