Maya Design / Headquarters


Location: Pittsburgh, PA

MAYA Design‘s human centered approach improves the experiences that people have with complex technology products and information rich environments.

Founded as a design consultancy and innovation lab 20 years ago, MAYA designs the world’s “Most Advanced, Yet Acceptable” (MAYA) products, services, and environments. MAYA’s space is critical to their process of understanding and solving problems. The new space in Four Gateway Center encourages the interdisciplinary work ethic along with the logic of MAYA’s service delivery system. It must support and reflect a culture of flexible thinking complemented by rigorous testing to successfully execute and implement the best ideas. This is evident in the types of spaces MAYA requires. Project rooms, niches, neighborhoods, labs and Kiva’s strategically located throughout the space allow MAYA to execute their thought process.

The architect participated in intense collaboration sessions with MAYA’s owners and employees to program and develop a space which experientially and functionally supports the MAYA effort and ethic. Based upon MAYA’s culture of community, the layout of their offices was designed as a metaphor for a city. Typical architectural elements such as corridors, nodes and offices were transformed into boulevards, landmarks and neighborhoods. As a result of the design and construction of the office as a ‘city’, it allows it to transform, flex, progress and evolve as an actual city might.

The signature MAYA space, the Kiva, is a circular space that encourages collaboration. Three prototypical spaces, sized to accommodate different groups, from intimate tete-a-tete to full community gathering were developed. These spaces, equipped with white boards, form the center of MAYA’s practices.