Santen & Hughes / S&H Offices


Location: Cincinnati, Ohio

Size: 12,125 SF/Renovation
Program Elements:
Corporate Offices
Conference Facilities

For attorneys that specialize in most all areas of law practice, it was important that their new downtown offices reflect their high level of professionalism without alienating any of their clients. A palette of camel, charcoal and vermilion red, paired with dark cherry wood furniture achieves a timeless warmth and sophistication. Transom windows at all perimeter offices and full height glass walls at conference rooms provide critical natural light to internal workstations as well as the reception area.

To maximize square footage efficiency, individual offices were reduced in size and client meetings are now held in one of five conference rooms of varying sizes. While legal file storage was still a key program function of the space plan, the traditional law library was eliminated in favor of a single computerized research station.