Sentrilock / Office & Warehouse


Location: West Chester, Ohio

Scope: Full Architectural Services

Size: 40,000 SF

Sentrilock, provider of electronic lockbox systems, relocated its headquarters from Sharonville, Ohio to West Chester, Ohio in order to accommodate its growing operations. The new facility offers double the square footage and houses SentriLock’s corporate offices, manufacturing and repair, and customer service operations. Each of these functions had different needs and therefore, varying spatial demands.

The corporate offices were designed using an open office concept, utilizing transparent surfaces and low walls in order to increase visibility and daylight throughout. Breakout tables were nestled between workstations to promote collaborative and impromptu work sessions. Touchdown stations were created to accommodate the needs of customer service team. Office amenities include a fitness center, staff showers, conference center and a spacious employee lounge/café. Skylights were incorporated into the café space in order to allow more daylight into the space, creating a comfortable, airy environment.