Shimao Group / Nuosha Bay


Scope: Master Plan and Architectural Facade Design

Size: 269,704 SM

This site is adjacent to mountains and the sea, the natural landscape is extremely advantageous.
The design takes full account of use of natural landscape resources,to make the site become an attractive coastline of Qingdao Jiaonan. We following the principles as belows:
1.Full respect for and use of the resource elements and surrounding conditions, as much as possible to use the base of the terrain and surrounding landscape elements, to improve the quality of the entire district spots as a very superior natural landscape;
2.Expand the landscape and environmental space through the design of pedestrian and vehicular traffic circulation. The ground is only set the invisible driveway, to maximize the view of landscape.
3. The floor plan focus on residential buildings of group effects and differences, through the transformation of density to create a community space;
4. The facade design provide different options to tenants, that contains a variety of architectural elevation and floor plan options, also enrich the feature of elevation design.
5. Full consideration to support community convenience, to set reasonable and practical public facilities and high-rise facilities, in order to share resources and offer comprehensive inhabitants life.