Sinopec / Sinopec Research Center


This campus is dedicated to the alternative energy research and development efforts of one of China’s largest petrochemical companies. Located in Beijing’s northern Changping District, the building complex provides laboratories, prototyping facilities, data center, corporate offices, staff housing and dining facilities for nearly two thousand employees.

The campus promotes a collaborative research culture with a non-hierarchical arrangement of buildings around central green spaces. Non-regular building forms belie a rigorous organization for maximum efficiency and future flexibility. The irregular and undulating landscape in the central courtyards provides a focus for surrounding buildings and offers light and air to underground levels.

The buildings make extensive use of integrated alternative energy technologies, including photovoltaic panels and vertical axis wind turbines. Innovative façade screens protect interior spaces from excessive heat gain and promote natural ventilation. Landscaping and green roofs participate in the management and recycling of rainwater for irrigation and other uses.

The complex also functions as a demonstration and outreach tool, with a fully-developed exhibition and education program. Visitors are encouraged to explore and discover alternative technologies at work.