South Hill Group / Gratz Park Redevelopment


Location: Lexington, Kentucky

Size:  6 Acres
Program Features:
Retail: 11,890sf
Residential: 83,840sf (55 units)         
Parking: 120,000sf (365 spaces)         
Amenity: 6,

This Mixed-Use development is located on a historic block in downtown Lexington, which includes the Gratz Park Inn and other notable structures.  The project includes street-level restaurants and retail, a variety of residential unit types, commercial office space and structured parking.

The study addressed additional needs for the development including amenities, green space, and servicing. The goal was to integrate a collection of uses and a pedestrian-friendly environment into the existing historical and residential context, capitalizing on the inherent vitality of the existing Gratz Park Inn.  The Conceptual Site Plan Study was developed with an intent to:
o    Capitalize on the existing conditions and their proposed integration with new,
o    Implement the general building programs/densities/areas/heights-floors,
o    Introduce a clear/cohesive access and parking strategy, and
o    Emphasize streetscape and pedestrian-focused circulation and amenities.

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