Spectra Development / Waterfront Corporate Park


Location: Pittsburgh, PA

Waterfront Corporate Park is an 18-acre suburban office park development located in Franklin Park, PA. The architect provided site-planning services to meet the developer’s Performa of 270,000 square feet of office space in four separate, six-story buildings. After completing the first 80,000 square foot building, EDGE studio began work on a second 130,000 square foot facility. Building massing for both projects responds to development criteria demanding balconies on each floor and monumental “corporate” massing. The second building is distinct from the previous building while remaining consistent with the established vernacular.

An essential feature of this project is a three story glazed atrium. A major design objective was to maintain a strong visual relationship from within the atrium to the naturalistic setting of the exterior. This required a visually light and transparent secondary structural system to support the glass curtain-wall system. To accomplish this, a tension truss system was developed for the secondary structure. This approach consists of a system of tension-rods that span between main carbon steel frames, allowing for the reduction of main steel frames and unencumbered views to the exterior.
Typical systems employ a single tension-rod per flying mast, but the double tension-rod system proved beneficial for the lateral stability of the structure. The airy, transparent character of this system is carried throughout the atrium in the detailing of elements such as stairs and mezzanines, creating a light, sophisticated entry sequence.This project won the Pittsburgh Chapter AIA Detail Award in 2003.