Whithheld / Richard Chen Pittsburgh


Location: Pittsburgh, PA

Size; 4,600 SF / 120 Seats

For this 4600 sf, 120 seat restaurant, our clients sought an organic space that utilizes architectural elements to create a subtle palette for a unique dining experience in Pittsburgh. The design solution organizes the experience into three distinct spaces including a bar/ lounge and two connected dining areas. The strategic use of texture, light and volume delineates the spaces while a surface of warm wood unifies the space, emerging as physical elements penetrated by light niches.

As the guest progresses from the more intimate entrance/ bar area to the open dining spaces, the ceiling rises. A large backlit wine wall becomes sculpture, showcasing the wines and providing separation between the bar and the dining area. Sliding translucent panels create private dining spaces within the main dining area.

Every detail of the restaurant was developed to create an atmosphere of luxury and preparation as guests anticipate luscious modern Asian cuisine. This project won a Pittsburgh AIA chapter award in 2008.