Zhongwei Real Estate Development Co. Ltd. / Hanyang District Yuehu Development


Scope: Conceptual Master Plan

Size: 258,100 SM

The project site located in the center of Hanyang district and is on the south side of the Han River and west of Yue Lake.

To address the future needs of the surrounding commercial area, we are placing about 4500 square meters of commercial space at the intersection of Block A and B, and about 5000 square meters of underground commercial area in combination with the garage at basement level one. Along one side of Yuehu Road we are combining the podium with the high-rise building and are placing about 6800 square meters of commercial area for the future different property uses. This could be placed centrally or separately.

Layout of Block D emphasizes the arrangement of the best view to the landscape. We analyzed the view to the natural, cultural and urban landscapes in Yuehu Lake, Yangzi River, Han River, Zhangzhidong Park and Wangjiatun CBD, by analysing a 120 degrees line of sight at each building, we found the best orientation of every building and determined the planning reasonably.