Andy Warhol Museum / Warhol Lobby


Location: Pittsburgh, PA
2009 Pittsburgh Chapter AIA Award

The lobby was a multi-functional space serving as an entrance, a gallery, admissions, an event room and a gathering space, however doing so inefficiently. Our team was engaged to solve this problem, and the result is a sensual, sculptural piece that not only directs patrons and elegantly facilitates a variety of functions, but also represents a precision in fabrication made possible only through innovative vision and utilization of technology.

The form of the desk arose from a flow diagram of patron traffic through the lobby of the museum. Spanning 45 feet, the diagram produced an irregular shape, which the architect visualized as an integrated 3-dimensional form and singular curvaceous piece. This vision required careful and precise fabrication, demanding a close relationship between architect and fabricator. Sensing an opportunity to fully utilize the power of BIM, the design was modeled in 3-D specifically clarifying the connection between the thermoformed acrylic countertop to the plasma-cut 3/16” aluminum plate structural form. The fabricator input this precise 3-D model into his fabrication equipment and was able to completely circumvent the production of 2-D shop drawings.