Society for Contemporary Craft / SCC Renovation and Expansion


Location: Pittsburgh, PA
2002 Pittsburgh Chapter AIA Award

The renovation and expansion to the Society for Contemporary Craft demystify the role of gallery space in the creative process by underscoring SCC’s belief in the interrelationship of artistic concept, creation, and display. Throughout the building, architectural elements articulate relationships between the spaces and activities. Featured elements both define and blur the parameters between spaces, creating intuitive and suggestive relationships.

The idea of conceptually linking spaces was further explored through the subtle use of color, materials, and architectural themes throughout the building. Rough grain plywood creates a sense of visual continuity between the first floor gallery/retail spaces and the basement studios. Leading into the studio space, the plywood becomes a display wall for student works and items in the permanent collection, further establishing the dialog between the creation and the display of art. Windows were used similarly as a means for creating continuity between spaces while literally and figuratively ‘reframing’ objects, spaces and activities.