Taikang Group / Jiugongshan Memorial Hall


Location: Jiugongshan, Huairou, Beijing

Scope: Design

Size: 107,639 SF

Taikang Jiugongshan Memorial is situated in the northern mountainous area of Beijing right by the Great Wall of China, a straight distance of 60 km due north of TianAnMen square. The Memorial is intend to provide tranquil and serenity private and public memorial spaces to serve one of the largest cemetery site in city of Beijing. To take advantage of the grandeur and spectacular panoramic view of mountainous valley, this 2-stoty, 14-meter tall, 10,000sqm (appro.100,000sqf) of building is designed to featherily “float” in the valley of Jiugongshan, where it only touches 4 locations of existing grade. 

Internal spaces are organized in three axis that respectively anchored by central lobby via a 80 meter long sacred pathway, and two large gathering spaces – a 300-seat memorial hall( with automatic opening altar wall) and an interactive life meditation hall/life death museum. Vast area of roof plaza is designed to be a public space and observation area that levels with the parking area at north part of site. Long span bridge structural system is intended to create light bridge-architecture that to be “placed” into the environment undisturbed with mirrored spandrel panel system on the façade minimizing building’s weight. 

The richness in internal organizational activities and function area massing walls can be clearly observed as the one drives up and through the site from the distance. 

The sequence of memorial services that will dictate how internal spaces can be utilized and offered certain “void” that will allow the slow meandering through the building, as well as small family size spaces for intimacy and respectful gathering. Taikang, as one of the largest private insurance conglomerate that functions the whole life cycle needs in public’s healthcare, senior care, cemetery services etc., has pioneered its new development and research into an area that exists in everyone’s life, yet has been on no one’s business plan ever except for some minimal governmental sponsored sites due to Chinese unique atheist cultural background. Taikang will bring new height in their “hardware and software “services that coupled with respect, tranquility and serenity in the market place. This memorial building is an architecture landmark for Taikang to further their meaningful and significant endeavor in future.