West Virginia University / WVU Practice facility


Scope of Services:
Peer Review, Interior Design Coordination, FF&E Specifications/Installation

Project Size:
55,000 sf

Athletic Administration Space
Strength Training
Practice Venues
Social Development Spaces

West Virginia University envisioned creating the premiere Basketball Practice facility in the country. Originally designed by AECOM (formerly Ellerbe Beckett) as a men's and women's practice facility, concern was raised about the real competitiveness of the facility against its peers to recruit and develop the best talent in the country. GBBN was asked to compare the proposed facility with those schools WVU competes with for talent. GBBN found the new facility was equal to facilities in class. GBBN was asked to intervene to achieve the best in class originally envisioned. The result is a thoroughly cohesive design focused on attracting and developing the student athlete and the NBA and WBA players of the future. The facility features state-of-the-art administrative, practice, training, educational, and social development spaces steeped in the rich history of the West Virginia Basketball program.